Candle - Rachelle Rhienne


Directed by Glen Jevon.
Co-directed by Rachelle Rhienne.
Filmed and edited by Glen Jevon.
Choreography and styling by Rachelle Rhienne.

Contigo was filmed in St Peter's Seminary, Cardross and Balloch (Loch Lomond) over the course of two days in early August 2018. Glen Jevon (videographer) flew in from Southhampton the day before the video shoot and we discussed the storyboard of the video and planned out numerous locations for each scene.

I wanted the video to be heavily dance influenced and I had this idea to film the same dance in a number of different places/back drops and cut in and out of the scenes really quickly to make it eye catching and fun.

I put out an ad for hip hop/street style dancers and held auditions to find four trained female dancers from Clydebank. The girls were perfect for the job and really professional.

Prior to filming, I spent a couple of dance sessions with them teaching them the chorus’ choreography and we also decided we were going to do a lot of improvisation/freestyle throughout the video.


Given that Contigo is a Summer track, we wanted to have the Summer vibes for the video so we were adamant about getting the golden hour in the early evening. We filmed up in the hills on Carman hill (Cardross) in a field of golden flowers with an amazing backdrop looking down over villages on the border of Loch Lomond.

We didn't have much time filming here as the sun was going down fast and we needed to get some scenes filmed in another location before it was too dark.

We drove to The Cruin (Loch Lomond) and filmed out in the middle of the water on a pier.

Glen captured some amazing shots with the backdrop of the Loch and moody looking clouds over head. I loved filming this scene. I had on a long floaty dress that added to the dramatic vibes of the backdrop and I had a group of people watching from the beach, dancing and singing along to Contigo on playback.


Glen filmed the dancers and I on the middle of a road in Cardross for the first takes of the chorus dance. It took quite a few takes as we were constantly getting stopped by on coming cars from each direction. Looking back, yeah it was a little dangerous but it was worth it and we pulled it off. We then moved on to a golf club area up near Cameron House with a stunning view of Loch Lomond and accidentally found another great backdrop to film another few takes of the dance on our way back down before grabbing some food.

Our last stop was the main dance scene location at St Peter's seminary in Cardross. This was the perfection location for the vibe I was looking for. It was very run down and covered in graffiti and moss, adding a very cool and edgy vibe to the video.

This was a lot of fun and the dancers and I got a lot of footage individually and of course, the main chorus choreography.

I had filmed a lot of footage over the second day of the shoot and I have still to put together a behind the scenes video for my Youtube, so keep an eye out for that this year because I will get round to it!

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